Saturday, September 1, 2012

Simply Red

Simply Red 

The color red is timeless, it has no limits and makes a statement. I love the color red for a variety of reasons mostly because red is BIG, BOLD & Beautiful.....

Red has many different shades and is flattering to every shade of skin. You Simply cant go wrong with a red variety. I personally wear red from head to toe. Most of my favorite fashion statements are from the fiery  flattering color.  

I call these frames my Sally's

Sally Jessie Raphael was a well knows talk show host in the 80's her signature red frames set her apart and where mad framed famous.

Khloe Kardashion sported these red hot frames on Facebook. 

My Vintage Inspirational Influences  

How can you talk of your love of red with out mentioning the classic red head beauty  Lucille Ball this fun loving legendary Ball of fire made America laugh while braking barriers for woman and equal rights in the 60's. This ginger spice rocked her red locs with pride.

This signature drove men wild in the 50's and is still a hit to date Lead actress and singer Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Jones  African American Screen Musical 1954.

Painting the town RED
 On January 15, 2012 I was honored to sing at the 28th Annual  Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast at the J.W.Marriott in my native hometown of  Washington DC

Royal red strapless satin dress cropped at the knee. 

 Mayor Vincent Gray and I at the Martin Luther King Jr. Even
A night out on the town to support my talented cousin Deangelo Redman former top 10 finalist of Making the Band season 4 for his album release showcase at the famous Blues Alley in Georgetown Washington DC. 

This is my display of red from head to toe. 
Red frames $16 Buy Wise Beauty Supply, Red trench coat $25 Old Navy ,  Black  Tutu Dress Foever21, Merona red patterned leather peep toes Target.

Beyonce rocking red with a casual denim on the streets of NYC. I like this look.  
Serena Williams wears a sleek  red & black pencil cut dress to the knee with Christian Louboutin red bottoms to set it off. Work Serena

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Peacock Freak

The Peacock Freak
Vanity vs. Everything Beautiful
Me on my way to an Open House interview for MAC Cosmetics this is a picture of my presentation of my make up skills and less there of.....Self proclaimed amateur  to all my MUA's out good though !!!
I always like to switch it up a bit. You know, keep things interesting by exploring my creativity with different looks. I'm always inspired by the Peacock feathers I collect. The Peacock's feathers represent pride, and by extension, nobility and glory. Peacocks are also known to eat poisonous plants with no ill effects, making their feathers a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality. Personally, when entering a person(s) life my goal is to leave a positive lasting impression. 

We have a short time on this earth so memories are all we have, a photograph can be looked upon as vanity with out a story being told to back up it's true meaning. Vanity is self-centered and I'm far from that. However confident I stand firm in believing that beauty is a refection that vanity could never reflect. Beauty doesn't have to be defined because it speaks for itself. 

Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight. Its a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense. Its not just whats on the outside although I believe that presentation is 

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so the perception of beauty is subjective.  Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. We all are beautiful. I'm just honored to share my beautiful moments, memories and ideas with all of you. Thank You :)

So, some may say I'm a little obsessed with peacocks. Obsession is a strong word so Id say Im more influenced by Birds feathers. I'm the photo above displays some of my home decor. I've incorporated the peacock tastefully  in my home as well as in my  

These are a dozen Peacock feathers I got these in Chinatown in Washington DC to replace a dozen peacock feathers that got damaged from being given years ago on Valentines Day by my Fiance instead of roses I got Peacock Feathers . Nice touch huh?  They are about .75 per feather

Three of the original feathers I saved from Valentines day  Funerary 14, 2000. One of my treasures such a thoughtful gift.  
This plaque sits above my stylist work station I found it a a local dollar store Family Dollar for $6.
This was taken at my 31st Birthday Party this year  2012 at Flava @ Wa-Zo-Bia Restaurant and Lounge Washington DC. .

I wear this as a pin or hair clip I like to personalize my Outfits with Peacock flare every now and then.
feathers in my hair

Peacock Necklace gifted to me on the 30th Birthday from my BFF Chiffon Sparkle 
On the roof top of the Donovan House Washington DC
 Dress Old Navy, Shoes Bakers,Watch Kenneth Cole, Necklace Nordstrom, Earrings Target

These peacock  earnings were also gifted to me by a good friend Amie Seisay who is a talented jewelry artist check her out @ Please Note these particular earrings are not from AMS collection.
A feathered earnings can dress up a swim suit. Water doesn't damage the texture or color of the feather. 
My lower back tattoo......I guess I am a Peacock Freak stamped and approved 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beat the Heat

My daughter and I on one of the record breaking days of Summer  2012 so far. Largo, MD 

People are quick to assume because I was born in the summer ( summer baby) that the season doesn't fade me. They are wrong that is the furthest from the truth ...... actually it BURNS! I  have extremely sensitive skin that has to be especially protected from the sun. It's a Meth that African American or brown skinned people of color don't get sunburn. I have a variety of ways people of all colors and shades can protect their skin and Beat the Heat  while on the go and expressing fashion freedom in the blazing sun. 

Have you ever seen photos of people on the beach with the white paste sun lotion on there nose?....
Protective but not so attractive. 

Sun Screen, spays and lotion is very important and preventive. Not only is sunburn unattractive it HURTS!!!

Reality Star Kim Kardashian
takes a picture of herself while sunburned tan leaving light rings around her eyes from her shades. 

"As far as treating sunburns are concerned, prevention is the best cure, as treatment may take a longer period in completely getting rid of it. Most of the sunburns are first degree burns that are the affected skin is only red and painful, which can be easily treated with home remedies. However, there are certain conditions where sunburns can cause blisters, peeling and itchiness which can lead to complications. A number of people fail to realize the fact that sunburns can occur even in mild temperature. The term actually means the prolong exposure to sun rays." -by

 check out the full article online @

Risk Factors

"Fair Skin. Anyone, regardless of skin color, can get skin cancer. However, having less pigment (melanin) in your skin provides less protection from damaging UV radiation. If you have blond or red hair and light-colored eyes, and you freckle or sunburn easily, you're much more likely to develop skin cancer than is a person with darker skin." - by Mayo Clinic Staff

check out full article online @

Faction Forward 

Heiress & Reality star Paris Hilton is a great example of staying fashion forward while protecting your skin .  Dress your protective look up or down with a floppy shiek sun hat or dress down with a classic cap and dark shades. Dont forget the sun screen . 
Use  Makeup with sunscreen as an added ingredient keep it cute and play it safe. 

People wear less clothes during the summer to Beat the Heat .This means more skin is exposed and can be damaging by Ultraviolet radiation which is especially bad for our eyes as well as the skin. 
Ultraviolet radiation 
invisible electromagnetic radiation between visible violet light and X rays; it ranges in wavelength from about 400 to 4 nanometers and in frequency from about 1015 to 1017 hertz. It is a component (less than 5%) of the sun's radiation and is also produced artificially in arc lamps, e.g., in the mercury arc lamp.

Child Protection 
This is a legendary Ad by Coppertone.

Have fun this summer and without the pain of the burn. Remember to wear hats, shades or umbrella as an summer accessory as you set trends Why be HOT when you can be HAWT!!! 

A great look for summer time at the beach. 

UV umbrellas made just for the summer sun .

Sunday, July 22, 2012

For the Love of Music

 Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston both  "Saved the world" with "The Greatest love of all" 

Since a child I had a very connected and obsessive love for music. My Mother and Father were great influences in this art form I became glued to. Our family radio and album collections were vast. Filled with different genres from Gospel,Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Classic Rock to Hip Hop. You could say Music appreciation was my very first and best subject. Growing up my first favorite artist were rare talents people who captured your heart living lasting impressions ....Story tellers of life, love, hardship and happiness.

Just to name a few who come first to mind when i think back growing up in the 80's it was common to hear Cindy Lauper, Boy George, Prince Simply Red, Queen, Kenny G, Marvin Gay , James brown , Patti La belle, Luther Vandross, Nina Simone, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin , Stephanie Mills, Regina Bell, Fella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday , Nacy Wilson, Phillis Hyman, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Shirley Caesar, The Clark Sisters,  Lionel Richie & The Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, Cool and the Gang, Run D MC, Salt & Pepper , Heavy D, Cool Mo D, LL Cool J, Rappers Delight, and sooooooo many more.....

However, the two artist that captured all my time and attention are.......The amazingly, fearless, singer, songwriter, producer, entertainer, dancer, trend setting, socially sensitive, fan loving , tabloid ranking and most captivating.......

Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston 
       "King of Pop"                "Queen of R&B" 

This picture was taken in the early 90's when rumor was Michael and Whitney had an affair. What a dream come true for me if this twosome would have last.  I use to pretend they where my celebrity parents so for me it was only 

Micheal Jackson was pronounced dead June 25, 2012 at 2:26 pm. The title of his last documentary seemed to be prophecy "This Is It" so unexpected and heart breaking and so close to my Birthday I think I cried off and on for months in disbelief for my musical hero and childhood pretend father of entertainment...... I wasn't excited to see the movie. 

July 9, 2009 just a few weeks after Micheal's death was my 29th birthday I was still distort so my birth dad bought me The Ulitmate collection of MJ's music career. and a few collectors magazines. What an awesome gift it really made me feel better. Thanks Daddy

Im officially a MJ collector

In 2011 The friends of Carter Barron Put on a tribute in form of a Play at Howard University in Washington DC Staring my cousin DC's own Making the Band 4  finalist Deangelo Redman & Recording artist/actress Tonya Blount .
Deangelo Redman (center stage)  played Micheal Jackson  in this Tribute Play titled 
"A Child's heart that Rocks"
Deangelo and I after the show ....I love him  so talented and handsome 
I was so excited to know Whitney had started a new project ....Word was out that a new film SPARKLE starting Whitney Houston would hit the silver screen in August. 

Set in the 1960s, three sisters form girl group and soon become Motown sensations, but fame becomes a challenge as the close-knit family begins to fall apart. I will be celebrating Whitneys life and legacy at the premiere Friday, August 17, 2012.

Here we go again had my hopes up just to hear Whitney had been found deed in a hotel room bathroom in the tub......Nooooooo!!! 

Cover of Whitney's actual obituary 

Both of my musical inspirations have passed but never will their memory leave my heart and soul. I will continue to listen and sing their songs and celebrate their Life and legacy. Whitney asked a Question in song "Where do broken hearts go?" I answer by saying I'm sure they followed you to heaven.....and Michael it never mattered to me if you where "Black or White" I loved you equally the same both Thank you for helping me be the person I am today and through myself along with millions of fans all over the world I share this Tribute. God bless your personal family, friends and fans. 

This late Whitney Houston  & American Idol season 6 winner and recording artist/actress Jordan Sparks Interview